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May. 12th, 2012 @ 07:46 pm 5-12-12: The outside world beckoned.
Feeling: bouncybouncy
Strains of Music: Freelance Astronauts - Wii Sports Resort (Swordplay)
First and foremost: Mr. Whedon, I now forgive you for Alien: Resurrection (which disappointed me enough I didn't want to see anything else you made for a long, LONG time afterwards.) Your Avengers movie was amazing. That said - Mmmmm, Scarlett Johanssen in black leather... <3

Today was a pretty fun day. I got out and voted for the city election (Killeen! Where the entire city council got recalled because they were doing an abysmal job.) Then we saw Avengers, and went to a Martial Arts Break-a-thon (with all proceeds going to charities) run by a married couple I've known for about 5 years now. After we enjoyed that for a while (I ended up spending the day in my mother's company, which is good because she has to work tomorrow) we browsed around the mall and I found a couple of nice gifts for an upcoming birthday. Even scored a $40 shirt for $18 at Sears (I tend to wear pocket tees and button shirts for a "layering" effect.) Today - was a good day. :D

My plans for the summer:
- Finish going through my bins of doom from the backyard, and consolidate down to about a room and a half's worth of stuff (the "half" being the things that will go into a small storage space, as need be.)
- Make major headway on my backlog of video games (I've got DS, PSP, PS2, Wii, PS3, and PC games I've delayed playing for well over a year now.) Sadly, four of these games are the most recent Pokemon titles (HG/SS are at least mostly done, I just need to finish the PokeDex now. I have all the Pokemon I need ((yes, I cheaty-faced my way into all of those. shaddup, I only have so much time to spend)), I just need to finish all the evolving) so I expect to be spending quite a bit of time on the DS...
- Get my A+ certification.
- Pay off a bit of my student loan.
- Get my car fixed a bit.
- Replace my car's stereo.
- Be ready for the Fall semester, since part of it is going to include a couple of classes at Central Texas College, as well as two TAMUCT courses. Yes, I'm going for full-time.
- Get a part-time job that pays just enough to save up, pay off the earlier-mentioned loan somewhat, and save up to leave Texas finally.