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Nov. 22nd, 2012 @ 06:45 am Whoops, I meant to make an entry a bit ago, didn't I?
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Strains of Music: Let's Play 20 Years of Sonic - Sonic 06 (those poor bastards)
Let's see, addressing the stuff I meant to the other week or so.

First, that five page paper - managed an 83 on it. Not too shabby. Most of what I got dinged on were formatting items. Now I just need to do the research paper that will consist of:

Research Proposal
Preliminary Research Outline
Annotated Bibliography
Note Cards
Rough Draft
Research Paper

My only issue with that stuff? I tend to just write. I don't do outlines, I don't do rough drafts, I edit as I go. I don't need note cards (what are these for on this, anyway? *baffled*), and "preliminary research outline"? "Research proposal"? Those are going to be short. "I'm researching A Christmas Carol." "I looked for information about this topic. I found information about this topic." Voila. Bit silly to be adding all this stuff onto something I'm not getting paid for, anyway...

So for the last three months, my life has consisted of:
- Programming Logic and Design on Mondays/Wednesdays, and I'm actually really grokking it this time around.
- Technical Writing and Document Design - I would like this one better if the papers weren't such a whopping huge percentage of my grade, we had one to write about every two weeks, and the chapter assignments are worth almost nothing. =\
- Composition II - ...Seeing as this is the class that has that research paper mentioned above, I think I'm going to say nothing more on this topic. Moving on!

So I also promised thoughts on a place I used to hang out at regularly. Actually, I have two such places, now I think about it.
First, the Student Lounge over at Central Texas College. A. I find about all I miss at this point are all the people I could play Magic with. I've only had a chance to play a game or two once in the last 9 months. Before that game (shortly before the release of the last set at the beginning of October), the last time I got a chance to play was back in February. I am really, really missing this game. I've been playing since I was 15. I'd go to the Friday night games, but well... I don't have enough money to keep signing up for tournaments. =\ B. What the heck kind of student lounge closes at 5 pm?!? :'(
The other place that's been changing lately - is a forum for a comic I used to read (can't say present tense anymore since it ended last month.) I don't want to say a ton about it, because I've only quite got second-hand accounts and hearsay to go on... but it's not really the nice place that got me so hooked and involved in the first place. Not anymore. I can't really say if it's because of specific people, or because the comic just wasn't coming along so well anymore, all I know is that it's a bit like Stephen King described 'salem's Lot, late in the book. "No one pronounced Jerusalem's Lot dead on the morning of October 6; no one knew it was. Like the bodies of previous days, it retained every semblance of life." I can't really pin down just when that forum "died", but I do know it's been zombie-shambling along for about 6 weeks now.

And now, since I was up all night, I am going to go pass out. After Turkey Day dinner is when I'll address
- Some thoughts I've had floating around in this eccentric head of mine
- Some self-realizations I've managed to come to over the past year