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Jan. 11th, 2013 @ 09:06 am College - I HATE you.
Feeling: crappy
I have been having to deal with a hugely annoying, almost infuriating, college bureaucracy system that is just plain lame, stupid, and rather unhelpful. First, I found exactly nowhere on the paperwork of my Consortium agreement* that "after 90 days of not
paying back this rather piddling amount compared to everything else that you're paying, it gets kicked over to a collection agency so you're going to have to deal with their pathetic selves that won't bother to try getting in touch with you for over a month after this 90 day period you're not aware of AND they'll charge you an extra $25 they won't tell you about and you won't find out about until it hits the account, so you'll end up having to shove a little extra $ in so you don't get charged an overdraft fee thanks to the agent on the phone being as unhelpful as your school." Oh, and did I mention that after doing what the desk person at my old college (where I took the course last semester, for this "wonderful" consortium deal that's rapidly becoming a major source of stress and almost downright fury for me) told me to I also learn that "it'll take a couple weeks in our system for us to show a zero balance, since the collection agency has to get it to us" (there's that lazyass collection agency getting me to do a bunch more out of my way work
AGAIN... *growl*)

And the kicker, which was delivered in an e-mail not even an hour ago: "Whoops, nope, you must submit a receipt showing you have a zero balance before we can remove the hold. We are open until 5 today." Seeing how bad the lines at "wonderful" CTC get
during the week just before classes (seriously folks! Go get on your damned COMPUTERS and register! idiots!), it's probably going to be a couple of HOURS in line. On -maybe- three hours of decent sleep.

And the part that infuriates me the most, and makes me think at this point, that pounding nails into the wall with my forehead would be a more productive use of my time (and would hurt less) than jumping through all these hoops to get this cleared so I can. just. Register. fOr. TwO. CLASSES?!?

All of this trouble was over $189. All this grief... over not even two. hundred. Lousy. DOLLARS.

Pardon me, I think I'm going to let off some screams of primal anguish. This... this just isn't worth it... :'(

*Read: take a course or two at another college alongside the ones you're taking at your "current" school, and it all goes towards your degree and for paperwork reasons falls under the "current" school so Pell Grants won't be messed up.