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Jun. 15th, 2012 @ 02:41 pm Pictures!
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Strains of Music: Tokimeki Check-in - Cheerful Message
Today I turned in some of my paperwork for the Fall semester for TAMUCT, and I ended up taking pictures. I was quite excited, the old buildings weren't nearly as nice as this one.

This was taken from the fourth floor. That's a new thing, we never had more than one floor before. The view was pretty spectacular, too.

Oooo. We never had carpeting, either. Or interesting shaped benches like that one.

The hallways weren't anywhere near as long, for that matter. x.x

With the exception of the first floor, there is one of these on every floor, at each end of the hall. I find that just plain awesomesauce.

And holy crap! We get elelators! Elelator go up - elelator STOP! *WHAM!* Elelator go down - elelator STOP! *WHUMP!* Hee-hee... :D

This is going to make the weeks before class easier - we finally have our own bookstore. No more having to stand in a huge line that goes all the way to the back of the store (I've always found it weird how the line in the CTC bookstore can go so far, even with about 6 registers...)

Ack, thought I'd taken a better-lit shot than this - but yay, we have our own snack bar with small cafeteria now!

Man, even the stairwell looks nice at this new building. *whistle*

And now, the shot you've all been waiting for - the one where it's so bright outside I don't even realize (because I can't look at my iTouch very well) I accidentally got my thumb partially in front of the camera lens! XD