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Feb. 5th, 2013 @ 06:13 pm Gatecrash Pre-release
Two weekends ago, I took part in 5 Magic: the Gathering tournaments. I had a complete and utter blast at this event. Mind you, I was quite mentally and (somewhat) physically tired afterwards, but I had a heck of a good time.

My final scores ended up being:
0-3 on the Friday night midnight
release, sadly. I got some decent Boros Legion cards, but to my sorrow
(since the Red/White Boros is my favorite Guild), my deck pretty much
ended up being "attack or die." Nothing utterly weak, nothing too
spectacular (and the prerelease card never came up once, dang it.)

at noon saw me go 1-2 with House Dimir. I got a feel for the Bue/Black
Guild, and found it more to my liking than the version of it from back
in 2005. '05's Dimir was a tad overpowered, with far too many good
spells being far too cheaply-costed. Example, Glimpse the Unthinkable. Rare or not, that spell costing all of 2 to
pull off? Way too cheap. 4 to 6 is a more reasonable cost, and
apparently, 7 years later, Wizards realized this, as the Dimir's main
theme, "milling" opponent's libraries, now costs a lot more for the
bigger effects. A couple at a time? Cheap, yes. Anything more than 3 or
4? That's gonna cost ya, pilgrim.

Saturday at 4 pm was quite
amusing, as I had to go back home to get some lunch, and thanks to being
delayed from getting away from the noon tourney, got back with exactly 9
minutes to put together my deck. And ironically - this was the one that
I could have gone 4-0 with... had I not had to drop out after the 3rd
match, in order to take part in the 7 pm event. And even more ironic was
the way I put the deck together. "Eligible, eligible, eligible, got all
possible White/Black Orzhov Syndicate - minus this
because buggered if I'm letting my opponents gain life - that's
my job this time...? Okay, good! Mana calculation,
go! Lands done, good, go!" And I still ended up with a couple of minutes
to spare, and didn't lose a single game with the resulting deck.

7 pm saw me playing as a Gruul Guild member - and being pretty much
slaughtered. 0-3, blast it. :P I like the Gruul Clans' new ability, but
really, I can't say I was too impressed with the Red/Green Guild

Finally, 6 pm on Sunday the 27th had me playing as the
final Guild (the other 5 2-color combinations were released back in
October), the Blue/Green Simic Combine. I pulled off a 1-3 score, and I
actually had a decent bit of fun with this particular set-up. The new
ability for the Combine was much more impressive than the last one, so
that probably helped.

All in all - I'd do it again! :D