Shining Blue

Light from the Blue Star

Michael Elliott
4 June 1982
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I'm a Network Administrator with a Certification in Network Specialization and my Associate's, looking for a job to use all this knowledge on. I'm a fan of good stories(medium matters little to me), computers, spending time with friends and family, and most of all, music!

Oh, more about the sort of person I am? Hmm, well, for starters - just be honest and real with me. I certainly intend to be that way towards you, the person reading this. I also prefer to be told things directly, instead of in round-about fashion. I can't promise I'll always have a calm reaction, but I can promise there won't be any head removal. After all, then the plan would be for nothing. =D

Anyway - I'm a goofball who enjoys making friends with interesting people. There, that should about sum it up, I feel.